Nov 25, 2015

Thankful # 25: I’m thankful for my Chubber Cheekers! That’s what I call my grandson Faythe! He was a very large baby, with big cute cheeks, he is 15 now, and still has big cute cheeks! When he was a baby he would cry all the time! When his parents were about to go crazy, they would bring him over to me, and grandpa always got him to go to sleep! When he was around 2 or 3 he would sit at my computer and play games, his dad even set him up with his own password. One day I sat down at my computer, and I could not log in. His dad figured out that Faythe reset my password with his own password! He would call me on the phone and say Grandpa let’s play Battleship. We played over the computer, so we could see and talk to each other. I thought he was pretty good at battleship, until his mother told me he would move his ships when I hit one of them! I don’t like soccer, but I enjoyed watching him play! I coached his baseball team one year. The last game of the season, I had him in center field. A high fly ball was hit and headed straight towards him. You could see the fear in his eyes, but he caught the ball!! The runner on first base was between first and second base, and I was yelling throw it to first, throw it to first! Faythe threw a strike to the first baseman to complete a double play! This kid is good at everything he does accept rappelling, him and rappelling, not a good mix! Faythe loves watching all the old TV shows MASH, A-Team, Hogan’s Hero’s with his grandpa! The Man from UNCLE series is next on our list! He his such a great kid, but he has one fault, he doesn’t like grandpa’s music! But I’m still working on that!

Nov 24, 2015

Thankful # 24: I’m thankful for Teachers! I wasn’t a big fan of going to school. Many of my teachers I thought were boring, and not interesting at all. Then there were the teachers that caught my attention, and made learning interesting and fun! Here are a few of those teachers: Mrs. Partington Kindergarten, Mrs. Chapman 2nd grade, Mrs. Merchant (my favorite teacher) 5th grade, Mrs. Cohee 6th grade, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. McGuigan, Mr. Cohee, Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Pasch and my favorite PE teacher was Coach Gary Musick! I had Coach Musick two years in High School. We played a lot of basketball! Coach Musick always made sure I was on one team and he would play on the other team. He and I played a lot of man on man basketball. He taught me that when you got knocked down you got back up. My best times in high school was playing hard tough basketball against Mr. Musick! I also had some great teachers in my church, but I am just going to talk about one, Sister Hamilton. Not only was she excellent at teaching me about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She taught me how to be a gentleman, to respect women, to be kind to others, and she taught me how to have fun without getting into trouble! She was a great lady! I’m Thankful for all the wonderful teachers I had throughout my life!

Nov 23, 2015

Thankful # 23: I’m thankful for my beautiful granddaughter Evelynn! She loves horses, and when she was younger, she had all these little plastic horses! I enjoyed watching her play with her horses, and she is really good at drawing pictures of horses! She likes skate boarding, she doesn’t do the fancy tricks, she just likes to cruise around on her board! One of her many talents is writing and telling scary stories. She has scared many who have sat around the campfire with her! Her parents haven’t bought a coloring book in years. Evelynn draws pictures and gives them to her brothers and sister and they sit and color her pictures. She hands her pictures out to the little ones at church. They love to color her pictures, and it keeps them quiet during church. She loves going to this place where they raise goats, they have her feeding the baby goats! Now they are going to train her in helping with the birth of the goats. She is on the Youth City Council for the town of Sunset. They do all kinds of Service Projects, and they pick a Hero from there town to ride on a float in the 4th of July Parade! They help plan Carnivals for the Elementary Schools, and they help work the different booths! What is cool about Evelynn is, she has no problem reaching out and holding grandpas hand as we are walking down the road! Love you Evelynn!!

Nov 22, 2015

Thankful # 22: I’m thankful for Facebook! In 2007 I was in charge of planning a reunion for my church in Grass Valley. I spent one whole year looking for people and their addresses. I sent out hundreds of letters and emails, and spent hours and hours on the phone! I found most of the people I was looking for. It just took hundreds of hours, and it cost me a lot of money in phone calls, paper, envelopes, stamps and ink for the printer. The end of 2008 my daughter and son in law talked me into signing up for Facebook. I started my search for some friends, and in a week I had more than 100 friends. Over the next 7 years I have found old school friends, church friends, Steamer friends, my brother Stan’s friends, my sister Val’s friends and my brother Ralph’s friends! Through my music I have met a lot of new friends, who I really enjoy chatting with on Facebook! It’s been so much fun catching up with old school friends. I have gotten to know a lot of people from my class who I didn’t know very well. My favorite part of Facebook was being able to visit with Judy Pingree who recently passed away. My chats with Hal Vaughn who just passed away. All my wonderful conversions I had with Cathie Robinson who just passed away. Everyone knows that I enjoy posting music on Facebook! If you have time, listen to the song, and if you like it, hit the like button and or leave a short comment. The likes and comments always make my day. When Kim and I moved to Washington in 1990, we lost track of all our friends. Now with Facebook, Kim and I stay in touch with a lot of our friends! Just think of all the time and money I could have saved, if I had Facebook when I was planning that reunion! I’m thankful for all you good people that are friends with me on this thing they call Facebook!

Nov 21, 2015

Thankful # 21: I’m thankful for my grandson Noah! He was such a ball of fire when he was young! I was watching TV and I asked the kids how to switch the channel on the TV. Noah flies across the room and starts pressing all the buttons on the TV! After 5 seconds of button pushing, all we had was snow on the screen! He loves to take things apart and put them back together again. One day he took the door knob apart on his sister’s bedroom, and his sister was locked in her bedroom for a long time! He loves to do “Origami” He can take a piece of paper and fold it into anything he wants, and he is really fast at it. He likes to help his Aunt Inez do Tie Dye! Inez says he does beautiful work, and wishes he could work with her all the time! When he sat on Santa’s lap he always tugged on his beard! You could never fool that kid, he always knew they were fake Santa’s! Inez bought them a very large bag of confetti poppers, and hid them throughout their living room. All four kids found them and blew them off, but Noah stashed some of them away. After his mom cleaned the room up, Noah popped one off, making a mess again! In the middle of the night BOOM! And his dad would yell NOAH KNOCK IT OFF. To this day his parents are still mad at his Aunt Inez for buying the poppers! Noah loves to do Science Projects, and is really good in school! He and his mom have won the Chili Cook Off the last two years at the Groundhog Day Celebration in Sunset Utah. The best thing about Noah are the great Hugs he gives his grandpa! Love you Noah, and you keep popping those confetti poppers!