Nov 21, 2015

Thankful # 21: I’m thankful for my grandson Noah! He was such a ball of fire when he was young! I was watching TV and I asked the kids how to switch the channel on the TV. Noah flies across the room and starts pressing all the buttons on the TV! After 5 seconds of button pushing, all we had was snow on the screen! He loves to take things apart and put them back together again. One day he took the door knob apart on his sister’s bedroom, and his sister was locked in her bedroom for a long time! He loves to do “Origami” He can take a piece of paper and fold it into anything he wants, and he is really fast at it. He likes to help his Aunt Inez do Tie Dye! Inez says he does beautiful work, and wishes he could work with her all the time! When he sat on Santa’s lap he always tugged on his beard! You could never fool that kid, he always knew they were fake Santa’s! Inez bought them a very large bag of confetti poppers, and hid them throughout their living room. All four kids found them and blew them off, but Noah stashed some of them away. After his mom cleaned the room up, Noah popped one off, making a mess again! In the middle of the night BOOM! And his dad would yell NOAH KNOCK IT OFF. To this day his parents are still mad at his Aunt Inez for buying the poppers! Noah loves to do Science Projects, and is really good in school! He and his mom have won the Chili Cook Off the last two years at the Groundhog Day Celebration in Sunset Utah. The best thing about Noah are the great Hugs he gives his grandpa! Love you Noah, and you keep popping those confetti poppers!

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