Nov 24, 2015

Thankful # 24: I’m thankful for Teachers! I wasn’t a big fan of going to school. Many of my teachers I thought were boring, and not interesting at all. Then there were the teachers that caught my attention, and made learning interesting and fun! Here are a few of those teachers: Mrs. Partington Kindergarten, Mrs. Chapman 2nd grade, Mrs. Merchant (my favorite teacher) 5th grade, Mrs. Cohee 6th grade, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. McGuigan, Mr. Cohee, Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Pasch and my favorite PE teacher was Coach Gary Musick! I had Coach Musick two years in High School. We played a lot of basketball! Coach Musick always made sure I was on one team and he would play on the other team. He and I played a lot of man on man basketball. He taught me that when you got knocked down you got back up. My best times in high school was playing hard tough basketball against Mr. Musick! I also had some great teachers in my church, but I am just going to talk about one, Sister Hamilton. Not only was she excellent at teaching me about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She taught me how to be a gentleman, to respect women, to be kind to others, and she taught me how to have fun without getting into trouble! She was a great lady! I’m Thankful for all the wonderful teachers I had throughout my life!

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