Nov 17, 2015

Thankful # 17: I’m thankful for my beautiful granddaughter Esperanza! She’s a really good artist! She did a painting of a dog, and entered it into a big art show in Provo. Out of the hundreds of entries, she was the one who received the blue ribbon! She has a beautiful singing voice! I love it when she is working on a project at the table, and is just singing away! I like to stand around the corner and listen to her angel like voice! She loves going to Lagoon, riding all the fun rides, and listening to her grandma scream on the scary ones! She enjoys going out with grandpa for soft serve ice cream! She is my grandchild that beats to a different drummer! She likes to work on my feet, cut and file my toe nails. Then I ask her to do my hands, and she says “yuck’ I don’t do hands!??? She once told me she was a vegetarian! One night I’m watching her eat a hotdog, and I say I thought you were a vegetarian? She said no I’m a Ronnitarian (we all call her Ronni) I asked what a Ronnitarian is, she says it’s someone who eats anything they want to! She may beat to a different drummer, but she beats right into grandpa’s heart! Love you Ronni!

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