Nov 16, 2015

Thankful # 16: I’m thankful for George Costanza! Over the years I have had a lot of dogs: Daisy Mae, Charlie Brown, Pierre (Val’s dog), Algernon, Murry, Cosmo Kramer and my buddy George Costanza! George is my 15 year old dachshund! I am the only person he seems to like, When I’m not home he will watch the people in the house, but won’t let anybody get close to him. When I sit down in my chair, he is in my lap before my bottom touches the chair! He never lets me out of his sight, and cries when I’m in the bathroom. He sleeps with use, and sleeps against my back all night. When I come home he is always at the door waiting to greet me. When I open the door he goes crazy and starts barking up a storm! My favorite thing to do when I’m home is to sit and pet my George! Lots of times when I finish watching a movie, George will be sleeping so peacefully I’ll stay in my chair for the next hour so I don’t wake him up. George, you are my pal, and I love you my little buddy!

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