Nov 18, 2015

Thankful # 18: I’m thankful for Guys Music Night! Once every three months me and five of my friends: Joel Sanders, Scott DeAngelo, Steve Sanders, Nathan Terry, Gary Hill and I get together for dinner, visiting and music! Whoever’s house we are at, that person is in charge of dinner! I so enjoy eating good food, (Gary your BBQ Ribs were awesome) and catching up with my old friends! After food and chatting we start the music part! I preassigned each person three categories, like a Blues Song, a Song by a British Band, a Song with a Female singer etc. You pick a song from each of the three categories, you tell a little bit about the song, and why you like it. It’s fun to hear the memories people have when they hear an old song from there past. Then we play the song, and we always have a nice sound system set up. Most of the songs are played from YouTube or our cell phone. I like it when a song is played that you have never heard before! I also like it when you think a person is going to pick a certain song, and they play something totally unexpected! It’s also fun to rock out to the familiar tunes that we know and love. But the best part of the evening is spending time with my great friends!

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