Nov 13, 2015

Thankful # 13: I’m thankful for MacKerricher State Park and the Glass Beach! During the 80’s my family and several other families use to go camping at MacKerricher every Memorial Day weekend, and spend a week there. So many great memories: Setting the Teepee up! Playing on the beach! Hanging on to a log in the ocean with seals popping up all around us. Looking for sea creatures with the kids, when the tide was out! On Sunday we always did a treasure hunt for the kids! The water fights, boy did we have some great water fights! Most of the time it was me against all the kids, and I always got the worst of it! Eating Abalone. Chasing skunks out of the camp site! Spending hours at the glass beach! Going to the Redwood Cookhouse in Fort Bragg for dinner on Saturday night. The Uno games and popcorn after we got the kids to bed! The Hiking and bike riding, and the beautiful sunsets each night. Tossing the football and throwing the Frisbee with the guys! Walks on the beach with my wife, and sitting around the fire visiting with great friends! We had a big round blanket with handles all around the edges. It’s used for tossing people way up in the air. Everybody in camp got a turn being tossed up in the air, Loved listening to the kids and the moms scream when they were high in the air! A lot of fun times at that park!

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