Nov 14, 2015

Thankful # 14: I’m Thankful for The Home Depot! When we lived in the Portland area I worked as a Mainframe Operator for Oregon Health Science University. When we moved to Utah, I could not find a job, all the mainframes were being replaced with servers. I went three months without a job. One day my little grandson said, you have to apply at The Home Depot Grandpa! So I got on line and applied at The Home Depot. One week later I got the call for an interview, and a week after that I started working for them. I had worked for them for 7 and a half years and then I got sick. During this time we had the master bedroom torn apart, getting ready to put a new floor in. I was so sick I could not work on the floor.
While I was in the hospital recovering from the operation, my daughter Inez went to Home Depot and ask for instruction on how to lay the floor. The flooring guy asked her, where’s your dad, haven’t seen him in a while. She told him I had cancer. The day after I got home from the hospital, a bunch of people showed up from Home Depot and they worked two and a half days installing the new floor in the bedroom and closet. This was a big shock to me, because my family did not tell me they were coming! I will be forever grateful and thankful for The Home Depot, and my Home Depot friends! You Guys Rock!!!

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