Nov 12, 2015

Thankful # 12: I’m thankful for my dad! My dad was a hard worker, and he taught me how to work. On Saturday’s we would go wood cutting. Sometimes I would get home at 3 AM, and at 5 AM dad is waking me up to cut wood! When it snowed we would shovel driveways and sidewalks. He was always doing service projects for the older people in our church. If someone needed firewood, dad would grab me and we would cut them a load of wood. I remember painting, doing yard work, and helping people move. I loved every minute of it because we were helping people, and I enjoyed working side by side with my dad!
Before my dad died Ralph and I drove him up to the airport, he wanted to watch the planes take off and land. We told the guy at the airport who my dad was, and he called the Forest Service/CDF Tanker Base. We were then escorted to the Tanker Base, and all the workers came out to meet dad. The first thing they said was: So this is the famous Ernie Cummins! A Legend around here in firefighting! You should have seen the smile on my dad’s face! Then dad told some of the stories of experiences when he worked there! Ralph and I were both proud of dad that day!
I’m so thankful for everything he taught me, and I really miss his fire stories! Love You Dad!

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