Nov 11, 2015

Thankful # 11: I’m thankful for my Mom! She was my best friend the whole time I was growing up! When I walked into the house mom always wanted to know how my day went. She always enjoyed what I had to say, and when I was done she would tell me about her day. Sometimes she had some crazy things to talk about when she worked at Bradley’s Clothing!
Mom was the greatest cook in the world, all of Grass Valley knew it, because they were always over at our house eating! Nothing better than her home made tacos!
Mom’s also my hero! There was a group of boys who called me ugly all the time. Mom and I were driving down a road, and we drove by the boys. One yells out, hey Ugly Face! Mom hits the brakes hard, and jumps out of the car! In a loud and mean tone she says: Go home and look in the mirror and you will see what Ugly looks like! She gets back in the car and we drive off! Now mom never laughs, it comes out as a little giggle, and her hand always goes up in front of her mouth! She let out one of her giggles, with her hand in front of her mouth saying, did I really just do that? Then with a big smile on her face, she started laughing and said, we really scared those boys didn’t we! At that moment my mom became my hero!
I have always been so very thankful for my mom! Love You Mom!!!

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