Nov 20, 2015

Thankful # 20: I’m thankful that I was raised in Grass Valley, CA! Here are some of the places and people that I have a wonderful memory of, from Grass Valley: Growing up on Dolores Drive with three of my class of 75 mates: Kathleen Brown, Bob Leary and Dwayne Roberts. Bragg Ave with Rick and Dolli Honey. The Alta Hill Store when the Vogt’s owned it, I always got a hug from Karen when I went in there. Alta Oaks Fire Department! Memorial Park and the hundreds of softball games I watched there! Memorial Park Pool! Empire and North Star Mines. North Star Mansion (My grandparents were the caretakers when Foote’s owned it). Nevada Union High School, “Go Miners Class of 75”, Lyman Gilmore School, “Go Bombers Class of 71”, Hennessey School, Bell Hill School. The Del Oro Theatre! Sanders Music! The Mormon Church on Alta Street! Safeway, SPD, and Raleys! Nevada County Fair! The Ernie Purcell Speedway! Oaks Super Market! Sanford’s Ranch! Thrifty Ice Cream, 5 cents a scoop! The Holbrooke! Veterans Memorial Building! Boy Scouts Troop 32! Condon Park! St Patricks Drive (Where Kim and I bought our first home). Crystal Dairy! Grass Valley Elks! Franks Pizza! Nevada County Airport and Tanker Base! Lots of good Grass Valley bands: Summerset, Mellow Moon Blues, Moria, Absalom, Carry Nation, Steamer! LeAndra Urquhart, (who I had a huge crush on, but she moved away when I was in the 7th grade). I’m not saying who I had a crush on in the 8th grade! Grass Valley, a lot of fun memories, and a great town to grow up in!

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