Story #2 “Hole in the Head”

Several of my good friends formed a band called “Workin’ Loose.” My buddy Steve Sanders was the drummer, and he wanted me to come hear them practice. I had never seen them play, so I was excited about sitting through one of their rehearsals. I walked in to the practice room and all the members were there except Steve. They said he was going to be late, so they asked me to sit in on the drums till he got there. Now these guys played at a much lower volume then “Steamer” did. We played four songs and it sounded pretty good especially since the drummer didn’t know the songs. I was still trying to get used to playing at a softer volume. I keep talking about playing at a lower volume for a reason. You hit the drums more softly when you play at a lower volume. Now we were in the middle of the next song, and I was having a great time playing with my friends. Then something happened! I couldn’t raise my snare drum stick up! I had poked a hole in the snare drum head! My stick was stuck in the hole!

First thing I thought was; Steve is going to kill me! I believe there is an unwritten rule, you don’t go around and break other musicians’ instruments! I was thinking to myself, what am I going to do? Now the band members weren’t much help at all! They were all laughing at me! I told them that I had to go! One of them even called me chicken!!! I don’t remember Steve ever saying anything to me about it. 30 years later I organized a get together party with some of my old friends. I invited Steve, but I didn’t think he was going to come, because he was living in Utah. When I got to the party, Steve was the first person to meet me at my car! I was surprised he came all the way from Utah for the party! So during the party I got my nerve up and I brought up the story of me breaking his snare drum head. He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face and said. I don’t remember that happening! What I was kind of hoping for was   “Yeah You Big Jerk” but all I got was a big smile!

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