Three not so Fun Months

November, December of 2020 and January 2021 I was in the hospital with COVID. The first month I was out of it, I don’t remember any of it. They had sedated me and put me on a respirator. The second month they woke me up and shipped me off to Provo Specialty Hospital.

Waking up and finding out I had COVID, that my oxygen level was way low, and my legs didn’t work anymore, was very terrifying.   They told me my back was covered with shingles, however later I was told it was a bed sore, and I had giant blisters on the bottom of each foot. Furthermore both my hands shook, and I could not hold a pencil. Holding silverware and trying to eat was a nightmare; But the main thing that bothered me most was, they would not let me see my wife Kim, and that there was no Music! All I did for the entire month was watch the news and that made me so depressed.

Then at the start of the third month they shipped me off to the Payson Rehab Hospital. I decided no more news, I started watching HGTV the house flipping channel, which I really enjoyed! Kim had bought me a small computer pad, and my son in law Jerel installed YouTube, Facebook, and a site to watch movies. Because my hands shook so badly, it was very hard to use the pad and my phone. When I was finally able to get some music playing, someone would come into the room and I would have to turn it off.

My Physical Therapist, was pretty cool, he would get his phone out and play some Steely Dan songs for me! He liked it that I wanted to work really hard to walk, and build my strength up, that he would let me have extra time with the equipment. I liked it because of the music.

During the two months I was awake, I had two Beatle songs buzzing in my head all the time. The songs were “I Want You” and “Hey Bulldog”!  When I got home, I sat down at my computer. This took me over a half hour to do and then I posted “I Want You” on Facebook. Right after I posted it, I got a reply from Kathy Williams saying, “Yes, He’s Back!” That put a huge smile on my face! And yes, I was glad to be back!   

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