Story #15 “In Search of the Lost Car”

Joel Sanders and I have been concert going buddies for a very long time! He also has this built-in radar that has worked every time we go to a concert! After the show is over, I just follow him and he gets us right to where the car is parked. We get in the car, and we are usually one of the first to leave the parking lot! Once we were at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA seeing Loggins and Messina. After the show the five of us headed for the parking lot with Joel leading the way. I decided I needed to use the bathroom on the way out. By the time I got to the car, there was already a big traffic jam! We only had to sit fifteen or twenty extra minutes in the parking lot, but this threw Joel off his game plan of getting us quickly out of the parking lot! I believe this evening being stuck in traffic threw Joel’s radar off balance! Later that year Joel flew up the Portland, OR in my neck of the woods, and we drove my car to Vancouver, WA so we could see Steely Dan and Michael McDonald play!

This was one of the greatest concerts we had ever attended! During the encore we headed for the exit with Joel leading the way, right when we hit the parking lot the music stopped! I followed Joel to the spot where we thought the car was parked, and it wasn’t there. We walked up and down the parking lot and still could not find the car. We split up and he walked this one area and I walked the opposite direction, still no car. 15 to 20 minutes had past and we finally found the car. We started the car up but it was too late, we were stuck in a massive traffic jam. So we were sitting there listening to music, and watching everybody getting mad in the parking lot! One guy who I think had a little too much to drink, made a sharp right turn in the parking lot, ran into a concrete barrier, and crumbled the whole right side of his car!

I believe Joel must have gotten his radar fixed, after the Dan show. We have gone to several concerts in the meantime and haven’t gotten lost once during our search for the car!

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