Story #12 “Hands”

Hands come in all different sizes! Some people have small hands, some have medium size, some have large, and some have huge hands! My hands are in the huge category! I have had people stop me at work and tell me that I have giant hands! They put their hands up against mine, and say oh my gosh! They have taken pictures of my hands with their cell phones to share with someone they know. At church I drape my arm on top of the pew we are sitting in, and lots of times I hear people who are sitting behind us whisper “Look at the size of that hand” I have a buddy at work, and we like to give each other a bad time. He will do something to me, and when he is trying to escape from me, I will reach out and plant my hand on top of his head! I can palm his head with my hand, and he can’t get away from me, and he’s a big guy. The more he fights me the harder I squeeze his head, till he gives up and calls it a truce!

So am I blessed, or am I cursed with these huge hands? I can carry more drinking glasses to the dining room table then my wife or daughter can! But I have to ask someone to change a light bulb, because I can’t get my hand inside the light fixture to change the bulb. I can pick up items with one hand that most people need to use both their hands for. But I have a real problem using small nuts, bolts and screws. People are always asking me to open jars, plus I’m real good at catching a football and basketball one-handed. But I have a hard time working on cars, because I can’t get my hands into some of the tight areas in the engine compartment! So I really don’t have a good answer for the blessed or cursed question. All I know is, I enjoy having big hands, and I really don’t want to trade them in for small ones. So the next time you meet up with me, don’t be afraid to ask me to compare your hands with mine. Even thou I have heard it a million times, I still enjoy hearing: “Look at the size of those hands”

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