Story #10 “My 1977 Firebird”

When Kim and I were getting married, I was making sure my brothers were unable to find my 1977 Firebird!  I asked Grandma Madge if I could hide it in her garage! I had planned it so well. Kim’s brother Bart would drive it to the church as we were ready to leave the wedding reception. We got married in Oakland on a Saturday morning, then drove back to Grass Valley, arrived at Grandma’s house, put the Firebird in the garage, shut the door, locked it, and put the key in the normal hiding place, met my Dad and rode with him to his house. My mom was cooking a late lunch for the family. I sat at the kitchen bar talking to Stan and Ralph when the telephone rang. Stan answered it, “Its Kim’s brother Bart” he said as he handed me the phone. It was a corded phone, so I wasn’t able to leave the room. Bart had lost the instructions I wrote for him, and wanted me to tell him where the house and the key was. I talked to him quietly, hoping Stan and Ralph weren’t paying attention, and I thought I got away with it!

We were in the middle of opening gifts, when someone whispered to me, “your brothers found your car and it looks great!” I left Kim standing there and ran outside! There was my car all decorated and my two brothers with several of their friends standing around with big smirks on their faces! I have to say they were very nice by not putting any writing on my paint job. They wrote all over the windows and the tires, and they taped crate paper from the front of the engine to the back of the trunk. Also, Bart and Lisa, the Maid of Honor, betrayed us by filling the inside of the car with rice. They opened our luggage and filled our cloths with rice! I tried to get into the car but someone had slid the seat up really close to the stirring wheel. The tracks were full of rice and the seat wouldn’t slide back, so I got in the car, with the steering wheel up against my stomach. Then Stan came up to my window and asked: “Did you really think you could hide your car from your two brothers?”

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